CBTT - Cloude Based Time Table Software


Better way to make Time Table. No more paper and time wastege. You just make for class of for a Day, rest is taken care of the software.


Fully responsive and gentates reports on the fly. You can manage Teachers / Classes / Papers etc.


You slog over making your time table currently managing different classes, teachers, students, and papers. Time Table headaches have found a cure.


Students and teachers can access the time table as and they want from their desktop / laptop / mobile devices anywhere any time.


Choose from the large selections of latest pre-made options from menu, classwise , teacherwise, roomwise and many more.


Publish on the cloud. Don't limit yourself to just one device or location.


  1. CBTT is easy and you can schedule your college timetable within minutes.
  2. CBTT avoids clashes between teachers, classes, rooms and Labs. You need not spend hours together in scheduling and optimizing manpower and resources.
  3. CBTT will fully optimize resources as you allocate them. For all this you only need to enter some piece of basic data which includes information regarding teachers, class, subject, College/Institute week duration, time duration of lecture, etc. According to data you have entered you get Time Table, further if you want to modify it you can or if you liked it you can print it.
  4. Configurable print outs can be printed for time table after it gets generated. 
  5. After Time table is generated, one may view by Teacher, Class or Room wise etc. 
  6. Data Clashes that used to occur due to manual Time table design is no more now. 
  7. Administrator can lock and unlock particular subjects to take place at particular period of time. 


  • Hours of Operation

    "This Software is cloud based, the hours of operation is not limited no more sitting in college to work on Time Table, you can do it at home, you may do it on the metro using your mobile phone, it takes care of all normal requirements such as scheduling practical periods of selected duration on all days of a week. Moreover, you will be able to provide priorities to different subjects, as you decide, with the help of CBTT. At a later stage, if you decide to modify the time table according to the requirement, this can also be done by making certain changes in the program."

  • “CBTT – Cloud Based Time Table Management System of any educational institution is very much complex in nature, as the same is governed by several factors. The time table for classes should be drawn in such a way that it should fulfil certain criterions and should not be a burden to the faculty. Thus, time tabling could only be done with the help of CBTT in a manner that the we teachers should not feel the constraints of being overburdened. ”

  • “At first view, looks like a nice innovative tool, i like the great focus and time that was given to the responsive design, i also like the simple and clear select option feature. That give me more control over using this tool.”



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